It’s That Time Of The Year Again… Fall

Oct 3, 2020 | Life

2020 has run fast, nearly unnoticed, leaving us confused and seriously questioning our values. Take a breath though – we’ve made it to the last mile. And since we cannot fix the world overnight (although we definitely wish we could), let’s sit down for now and enjoy the Fall with all the precious little things it has to offer.


Not sure about you, but Fall is the time I shove my crop tops to the bottom of the wardrobe and bring out all the soft, fuzzy, pieces that have been hidden there for ages… There may be some new pieces there as well…Needless to say, sweaters are the most ingenious and comfortable piece of clothing ever invented. What’s worth mentioning is layering! If you manage to layer a base, top layer of clothing with a coat, scarf, maybe a trendy hat, and definitely a mask –all that while staying warm and looking chic (not like a burrito wearing a beret) – you are a true fashionista to me.

Warming up

Let’s admit it. Feeling a little cold and warming up is much better than going crazy in the summer heat when there is not a single shadow around to hide in, hoping that your frappuccino can help you feel better – but it doesn’t. All the Fall hacks work great on the other hand: wearing a layer under the sweater, stopping at a local coffee shop route to get yourself a hot drink, and speeding up a little on your way home in the evening because you can’t wait to jump into the cosiness of your home, covering yourself with an extra blanket, cooking a pumpkin soup or taking a hot shower.

Seasonal drinks

It’s cliche but three words: Pumpkin Spice Latte, cinnamon on everything… Do I have to say more?

The leaves – Yes, the leaves.

Walking down the sidewalk in the Fall always means choosing the side with more leaves. The crunching under my feet always makes me feel a little euphoric. Even though I’m not 5 anymore, some things never change. Also – There are chestnuts? I always hide a few of them in the pocket of my coat and keep them in there like a little talisman. Then I usually forget about them until Spring. When I get to wear that coat again and put my hands in the pockets – usually hoping to find some money – and there they are, small and wrinkled. Kind of makes me realise how fast time does pass.

Sweet melancholy…

On a more serious note, Fall is a good time to slow down and reflect. The rainy days are the perfect reason to cancel your plans and watch Loreilai Gilmore all day, with no remorse. The lack of sun also has its downside – it suddenly feels as if it’s no longer possible to achieve maximum happiness. Immersing ourselves in negative emotions is way easier during these long evenings. I would say try to fight it and to not lose your perspective – but don’t try too hard. It’s okay not to be full of energy all the time. And maybe Fall offers some time for us to stop chasing success and happiness all the time, but rather listen to the wide range of motions we’ve got because they’re not any less important.