WTF Is ‘Blue Beauty’?

Sep 23, 2020 | Beauty

The Blue Beauty movement was started by Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes, focuses on bettering the environment. There have been several different beauty trends recently but we think Blue Beauty is one we can all get behind. Blue Beauty is a force that encourages all us enthusiasts to reduce the amount of harmful impacts and waste that come along with using beauty products to help protect sea life and the bigger picture of climate change. We wouldn’t even realise that these ingredients are everywhere and they’re just being washed down the drain into the oceans. They’re in our shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, cleansers, sunscreens – everything.

Blue Beauty goes further than ‘clean’, ‘green’ and ‘non-toxic’ beauty which focuses on ingredients. The short story of those trends is about the transparency of ingredients – what they do and where they’re from, and ensuring they’re not harmful to the users. Green beauty has had all the hype recently but make room because blue is the new green.

The only downfall that happens with these great initiatives is that brands can affiliate with greenwashing or in this case blue washing ( 😉 ). Naturally, brands will want to hop in on the trends and it can appear they are helping sea life but this may not be the case or enough. Although some brands have the best intentions, Vogue reports to really be blue brands need to opt for less harmful packaging.

One of the major polluters is the SPF as most sunscreens are formulated with toxic ingredients: oxybenzone and octinoxate that cause damage to coral reefs. First of all, SPF is a no brainer, please wear it. Second of all, opt for mineral sunscreens to avoid these ingredients and extra damage to marine life. The good news is that a lot of countries already ban these harmful ingredients and companies are redesigning their products to avoid it. If you’re looking for some SPF options that are a bit more blue check out: Versed and Everyday Humans.

The best part is that there are heaps of ways to tackle the issue of marine pollution through blue beauty whether it be through formulation (avoiding synthetic fragrances, damaging ingredients, parabens) packaging and even intent. Sometimes, all it takes is holding your favourite brands accountable or spreading awareness to your friends.