What The Heck Is a “Heather”?

Aug 24, 2020 | Culture

What The Heck Is a “Heather”?

August 24th, 2020

I was on my routinely TikTok scroll of the night to keep up with the latest trends, you know how it is, and my entire For You page was filled with the song “Heather” by Conan Gray. First of all, I am a massive Conan Gray stan and have been watching his YouTube since he was 10. Second of all, he deserves this recognition but if you had told me 2 years ago that Conan was going to start a popular trend on TikTok, I simply would not believe you.

In Conan’s song, Heather, he sings:

So to clarify, Heather is a person and Conan clarified in a TikTok that he wrote the song about someone he went to high school with. First the trend was to find your desired ‘look’ or aesthetic on Pinterest and show that you don’t fit in. Most of the comment section told the poster they were a “Heather” which kind of started the second “Heather” trend. It insinuates that Heather is the name given to someone who has aesthetic features and is traditionally beautiful, think Regina George, Cher from Clueless.

Although the Heather trends started out with positive intentions, it’s becoming something negative. It’s unfortunately turned into people comparing themselves with others like their friends, family and celebrities.

Instead of focusing on looks though, maybe being Heather can mean having a fun personality and being a nice person to be around! If you’re being called a Heather, it’s a compliment. And if you’re reading this – you’re a Heather.

Written by Anna