Trend watch: phone charms

Feb 23, 2021 | Fashion, Trend Watch

Popular during the 90s, phone charms died as soon as smart phones came around and instead, we got phone cases. But recently, celebrities and influencers have decided to revive the long lost phone charm as 2021’s hottest accessory.

Phone charms originated in Asia and were more than just a trinket. Japan, one of the world’s fashion capitals, are the reason phone charms became popular in the Western world. Not only are phone charms fashionable, they also serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. They’re practical. Some double as pill holders, speakers, perfume storage, food storage and more. They’re also expressive and allowed for individuality. 

Since, phone charms have evolved from trinkets and miniature figurines to chunky, long chains filled with colourful beads tying into the decadent era we’re entering.

Here’s a quick TikTok by Nina on how to make your own:

By Anna Lowe