Trend Watch: Leg Warmers

Dec 4, 2020 | Fashion, Trend Watch


A while back, we did an interview with Grace Hoffman and she mentioned that she had just bought a pair of leg warmers. Because Grace is a trend setter, especially with fashion, if she says they’re making a comeback, they are. 

With climate change becoming very real, the temperatures are just going to get more extreme. Winter feels more like we’re living in a constant freezer and we’re going to probably need that extra layer. I mean, it’s not exactly fashion to wear shorts over tights (but if you want to, do it) so what else do you do when you want to wear shorter bottoms: leg warmers. Also, any chance to add in that extra pop of colour, texture and contrast, right?

The beloved footless sock had their brief entanglement of fame in the 80s. They were traditionally worn by dancers but they got their hype from actress, political activist, model and fitness icon: Jane Fonda. I might not know much about the 80s but I know Jane Fonda. Suddenly they were the commodity to have but fizzled out in the 90s.

I’m not 100% sure why they went out of fashion? Well, I have a hunch. It’s because designers did this:

Yeah, not cool but glad that’s over. 

Trust us. In a couple of months when they’re back, we don’t want to have to say we told you so. 

Written by Anna Lowe