Trend Watch: 2021

Jan 13, 2021 | Fashion, Trend Watch

We thought we’d start 2021 off with a trend watch.

Let’s quickly talk about trends. If you study fashion, work in the industry or just know a lot about the industry, you’ll know that trends are planned a couple of years in advance by the kings and queens at WGSN. What then follows is high fashion before trickling down to the masses.

We’ve done our best to summarise what’s going to be trendy in 2021.

SO: The 70s.

  • This includes: flares, bootcut, mini skirts, penny lane coats, skinny ties, jumpsuits and way more.
  • Funky prints and prints in general
    • Specifically with hosiery, button ups, mesh tops and printed denim.
    • Checkerboard
  • Fur/ faux fur is making a come back into mainstream fashion in the form of hats, penny lane coats and lots of trim.

  • Brown is the new pink!
  • Patchworky style clothing & cut out knits
    • This is also part of the sustainability movement with designers reworking fabrics that can’t be used to make ‘full’ garments.

In terms of accessories…

  • Chunky jewellery & layering jewellery 
    • We already saw this trend start in 2019 thanks to LaManso rings but the chunky jewellery movement seems to be taking off in all aspects of accessories.
    • Versace also debuted some chunky pieces in their most recent collection.
  • Gloves
    • Mesh, lace, silk, wool, fingerless, you name it – they’re all hot right now.
  • Peter Pan style collars, we got this hot tip from Nina

And trendy fabrics

  • Heaps of satin/silk/tulle 
  • Metallic/Sparkles/Sequins to emphasise extravagance in a post-COVID (hopefully) world.  
  • Contrasting fabrics and textures


However, there is one trend that is going to overtake 2021: wearing whatever you want.

Here are some things we hope to wear:

By the LOWEDED team.