Trend Watch: Telfar

Sep 16, 2020 | Fashion, Trend Watch

Versatile, stylish and affordable [for a designer brand]. What more could you need? CFDA just crowned Telfar with the Accessories Designer of the Year award AKA the bag of 2020. You’d be lucky to get your hands on one though.

A month ago, Telfar’s site shut down for the first time when bots rampaged the site but we have a feeling it would’ve shut down regardless of the bots. Resellers have been charging $700 on the respective $150-$257 (USD) bags. Customers who have bought in the latest drop won’t receive them until late December or early January 2021. It’s a long wait but it’s worth it.

It’s called the “Bushwick Birkin” which originated in NYC. It’s deemed the symbol of fashion but for those who don’t have the kind of coin to spend on a Birkin, hence the name. It’s especially become a staple for queer people and people of colour.

It seems fitting that the Telfar bags are the latest holy grail of 2020. It’s inexpensive [for a designer brand], it’s vegan and it’s timeless. Previously It-Bags have been from brands like Chanel, Dior or Hermes. They’re often on the pricier side with only a handful being able to afford them. Not only this but Telfar is revolutionising the fashion industry. They decided to stop producing season after season long before Covid hit but didn’t plan for the success of their handbag. Telfar grounds itself in genderless fashion with progressive values. Telfar’s goal is to make luxury fashion accessible to anyone regardless of budget.

Telfar is finally getting the recognition they deserve and transforming the fashion industry as we know it.

Written by Anna Lowe