Meet Grace – The Graphic Designer Translating Clothing Pieces Into Animal Crossing Designs

Oct 10, 2020 | Interviews

Hi Grace! Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Grace Hoffman, I’m 23, I live in Virginia and I’m a Virgo. I’m really interested in fashion and graphic design. I went to school for graphic design, that was my major. My full time job is as a graphic designer but I do a lot of fashion styling on the side. I also do some more graphic design projects on the side.

Let’s do some quick-fire questions… What is something you’re:

  • Listening to: AG Cook’s new album Apple, and pop culture podcasts: Say Bible (about the Kardashians) and “So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey”

  • Obsessed with: Decorating and collecting things.

  • Watching: The Vow, Lovecraft Country, and catching up on the new seasons of RHONY and RHOBH

  • Empowered by: My own personal style.

  • Doing: Online shopping on Depop or FB market place and trying not to kill my houseplants.

  • Eating: Rice, salads, Chobani creamer – It’s really good,

  • Dressing in: I just got this new illusion top from Palina Russo, the collaboration with Adidas and I got a sweater and facemask from Eckhaus Latta. They’re one of my favourite brands even though they’re so expensive.

What’s something this whole situation has made you appreciate more?

There’s little things and big things. I’m obviously appreciative of having a stable income and place to live. And a little thing I’m appreciative of would be decorating my house and keeping my living areas tidy. It’s been really nice to make my house a nice place to be especially now that I’m here more.

Who do you think an underrated [clothing] designer is?

It’s hard to gauge who is underrated, overrated or not getting enough recognition. I feel like the designers I like have a big following. That’s a tough one so I don’t know.

What’s your favourite fashion trend?

I save a ton of stuff on Instagram for inspo and I don’t know if it’s a trend right now or not but leg warmers. Maroske Peech have really awesome leggings that look like leg warmers. I got some on Depop the other day, I’m really excited to try to style them. I don’t know if they’re a trend yet but I think they’re going to come back, it’s very 80’s.

What’s one thing that makes you feel positive these days?

My dog. She’s wearing a little sweatshirt today, it’s cold here. Her name’s Daphne and she’s a little Chihuahua. I love her.

What made you start designing clothes on Animal Crossing?

I got the game when it first came out and I was playing the game a lot during quarantine. I guess I’ve always been into the clothes and the game, I used to play the game cube version. I’ve always been into customising and I was looking forward to that. I thought it’d be cute to make things that were on my wish list that existed in real life so that my character could wear them. I wanted to show them off so I made an Instagram for it!

How long do they take?

It depends what you’re making. If it’s just a simple t-shirt, then it’s pretty easy. The process of uploading the photos actually takes longer.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Oh my gosh, let me think. Probably… platforms, oversized and cropped.

And what’s your favourite thing about your style?

Probably that it changes all the time. It changes based on what I’m interested in and I feel like it’s hard to have a style right now but I’m putting together a Fall wardrobe.

How did you get into styling?

I actually was a part of a student led fashion and culture magazine in University. That’s where I was introduced into fashion and styling. I started from there, I organised my own shoots. I’ve done a few since I’ve graduated and done some styling for photographers locally. I don’t know the official ins and outs but I get by. It was something that I wanted to pursue. I don’t necessarily know how I would do it full time in the future just because I’m on a pretty different career path right now.

What are your tips for aspiring stylists or people who want to break into the fashion industry?

If you go into it with confidence, you have an eye for what you want and you research ahead, you’ll be okay. It definitely takes an ability to manage and a little bit of organisation so you’re not overwhelmed.

What’s your biggest tip for styling clothing?

In photoshoots: I don’t know if I’m qualified to give someone advice for a photoshoot but I try to have my concept and go from there. Get pieces that would be versatile and go together well. Don’t be afraid to try out a weird idea, it might come out really cool in photos. Sometimes I bring things to a shoot and at first I’m unsure if I like it but then it turns out to be some of the cutest photos from the shoot.

In everyday life: I feel like I only know what works for me. Everyone’s different, everyone’s style is different, everyone’s self confidence is different and everyone’s body is different. But for me, I find myself needing more basics to work with. Don’t be afraid to find what makes you feel good. Just wear what you feel good in and styles that you feel good in. Don’t be tempted to buy things that you know you won’t like just because they’re trendy.

What are your top staples for your wardrobe?

Hmmm, a black mini skirt, a good pair of sneakers and a lot of black. One of every shape in every colour. Sometimes you might have a really good statement pant and you want a cute top with it so you might need that specific shape you’re going for. I haven’t reached that point in my life where I’ve truly mastered my wardrobe yet though. I’m still figuring it out.

This is a side note and very Virgo of me but I downloaded an app that lets you categorize all of your clothes. It’s kind of like Clueless. You just take pictures of them and you have them in a digital wardrobe.

What’s your most memorable outfit and why?

I have this really cute yellow top by Tia Adeola and it’s so cute. Probably anytime I’ve worn that. I also made myself an Ariana Grande costume in her Christmas outfit – the red top and skirt with the white marabou trim.

Who influences and inspires your style the most?

I don’t know, I draw inspiration from a lot of places so I don’t know if I have one style icon. I have saved pictures on Instagram from random girls. I get my inspiration from all over the place. There are definitely designers/brands that I’m into. Right now I’m in love with Collin Strada, Eckhaus Latta – I’m always fangirling over them, Maroske Peech, oh and I love Charlotte Knowles. I just got knit from Pearle Knits, it’s literally amazing and I wish I had it in every colour. I also love Mimi Wade, I love her style and I made one of her t-shirts on Animal Crossing.

Lastly…What’s next for Grace? 

I don’t know if I have an answer, more of the same. Break my way into doing more of my own thing, doing more graphic design projects. Gigi is like my alter ego and I’ve done some shirts before but I want to do more. It’s my passion project – It’s a mood board, if I want to create something it’s where I go to draw my inspiration from. Oh I’m also working on some more Instagram filters!

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Interviewed by Anna