How To Actually Use Your Phone Less

Aug 14, 2020 | Life

How To Actually Use Your Phone Less


August 14th, 2020


 Like many others, I have a serious phone addiction. As of March onwards, my average screen time has been 8-9 hours which is 85% of the amount of time I’m conscious. I spent more time with my phone than myself, if that’s even possible. I wanted to change this so badly, I had watched all the ‘How To’ videos, read all the articles you can think of and I’ve compiled the only list you need to use your phone less.


Turn off notifications.

This one is particularly useful if you have deadlines or important things that you need to work on. Turning off your notifications. My phone is now permanently on Do Not Disturb with no push notifications with the exception of phone calls because if you’re calling me in 2020, it must be important. At first I would constantly check my phone just scrolling through various feeds but now I’ve trained my muscles to resist the urge.


Get a clock.

I always use my phone as an alarm clock but also just a regular clock. Biggest mistake ever. It meant that I would spend 3 hours on my phone before getting up because it was my alarm. But not anymore.


A cleanse.

As cliche as it sounds, a social media cleanse can show you how much you don’t need your phone but also gives yourself a much needed break. It only takes a 24 hour cleanse to get you started on the road to lower phone usage.


Put your phone in another room

Even if it’s just for half an hour, keep it far away from you so you won’t be tempted to pick it up. If your withdrawal symptoms are major though, this may not work.


Do something.

It could be anything. A quick little stretch, cleaning your closet or even making some bread. It will eventually become normal to not use your phone all the time and you might even get a fresh loaf out of it.