Sep 24, 2020 | Celebrity, Culture

Britney Spears hasn’t had control over her own life in years. Although she’s 38, she’s being controlled like a 5 year old and we’re not being dramatic. In 2008, Spears’ public breakdown subjected her to conservatorship, a legal arrangement which essentially gives her no autonomy over her own life.

Over the course of this conservatorship, Jamie Spears, her father, has been in control of all of her assets. He’s even been paid $100,000 [USD] a year for it but recently stepped down for health reasons. Britney doesn’t want him back and demanded he be removed from the position. Unfortunately, the judge has ruled her father would remain in the role until 2021. 

The #FreeBritney movement began trending again this year and for good reason. It’s on the basis that the singer is taken advantage of. Her father has shrugged off these claims and called it a conspiracy theory. He just wants the best for his daughter… Right… 

Even if her father does have Spears’ best interests at heart, the powers of conservatorship and the exploitation that can occur should really be in question. To put it in perspective, Britney basically has no control of her life. If Britney does truly need help, there are far less drastic support systems in place. Britney’s situation is clearly unfair… so fucking #FreeBritney. 

Written by Anna Lowe