Everything The Beauty World Gave Us In October

Nov 6, 2020 | Beauty

From the modern day pandemic problems of ‘Maskne’, and the return of thick black liner to Byredo’s new beauty line and beautiful packaging, these are all the things you need to know about what October brought us in the world of beauty and skincare.

Starting with Byredo, a brand admired for their gorgeous scents along with minimalistic yet signature packaging, they’ve decided to venture into the world of beauty, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re anything like me, you would have seen this new line of products make their debut on Instagram stories, of those who can be seen flaunting the original iconic fragrances on their feeds.

The new packaging includes classical lipstick tubes with a sculptural slant along with the mascara bottle that almost resembles a chilli as well as the intriguing molten gold eyeshadow palettes.

Overall, Byredo has created a mascara, a sleek liquid eyeliner, fifteen shades of lipstick flattering all skin tones, as well as a scented lip balm for a more natural everyday look if you want to give your lips a treat, as well as three beautiful eyeshadow palettes. Not forgetting the new ‘colour stick’, available in sixteen different shades, from vivid pigmented colours to more neutral ones for an enhanced dewy look. You can’t go wrong with these new go to sticks, which have no specific use. Byredo is pushing for a creative approach to makeup, you choose where you apply it, lips, eyes, cheeks, have some fun with colour! This could be the perfect beauty product to add to your Christmas list or to gift to a friend if you’re thinking ahead, retailing at £26 or $30 to provide you with some stunning makeup looks over the festive period, even if that’s just for selfies from home.

Following on from bold colours and approaches to makeup, let’s talk about the return of chunky eyeliner. Whilst this isn’t a new trend, it is often associated with the obsession of ‘Y2K’ with a slight punk rock influence, for example, Avril Lavigne might come to mind when you think of the thick liner or perhaps the romanticisation of the ‘heroin chic’ era when thinking about the more smudgy and messy black eyeshadow looks.

Of course there is the debate about why the ‘heroin chic’ aesthetic even exists in the first place, glamourising the messy and sinister side of industry but somehow it will always have an association with catwalk looks, spotting the influence reappearing every now and then. However, this new surge could also be down to ‘Gen Z’s obsession with finding our fashion and makeup inspiration from the generations before, we can’t help but be excited by the new appearance and confidence these bold looks give us along with reaching our ultimate ‘Y2K’ or ‘90’s grunge’ aesthetics, and of course we’re inspired by the countless appearances on the runway, after all the makeup looks often elevate the outfits and looks to create the ultimate sense of what the designers are truly trying to achieve.

Moving back to reality on our everyday catwalk along the street, there is a new everyday accessory which is not so much desired, the mask. Whilst it can make our makeup routines easier, and perhaps lets newer bold eyeliner looks shine, it also comes hand in hand with its own problem, what’s known as ‘Maskne’. Although masks are not new in October, as life starts to slip back into routine again, it seems we’re wearing them more than we originally were in lockdown, therefore, there has definitely been an impact on skin, which I’ve personally noticed and am not appreciating.

After doing some research, I have figured out some key factors that may help your battle with maskne. Whilst there’s not huge amounts that can completely prevent your breakouts, there are some rules to follow by that can help to keep at a low level. The first thing to do, which seems obvious is to make sure that you follow your cleansing routine religiously. The main causes of maskne are the increase in moisture on your face, the friction of the mask being on your face, especially for those with easily irritated skin, and the increase in bacteria which is trapped against your face.

Whilst I hope you are all taking care of your skin anyway, perhaps try and adjust your cleansing to once you get home rather than letting any bacteria develop until you go to bed. Dermatologists have encouraged that we make sure that we avoid drying products, as they can make your skin more vulnerable to bacteria as well as encouraging us to use moisturiser, despite thinking your skin receives too much moisture whilst wearing your mask, it will help to strengthen your skin barrier. Also, where you can, try not to wear unnecessary makeup on the lower half of your face, as it will clog your pores even more when combined with the moisture of the mask.

Lastly, you need to check if your mask is the best suit for you! Despite many masks being one size fits all, where you can, try and find one which fits your face, but not too tightly. Also a lighter, breathable fabric is recommended such as cotton. And most importantly, whether you use a reusable mask (which I hope you do!) or a disposable one, you need to make sure you wash it or replace it relatively frequently. I know this is easier said than done, but if you really want to fight your maskne, it’s the best way forward. Treat it like your underwear! If you don’t wash or change it often enough, bacteria is obviously going to grow!


Written by Millie Hunter