Emily Is In Paris But The Fashion Was Not

Oct 6, 2020 | Fashion

I’d like to clarify that I’m in no way qualified to give my opinion but I will anyways. We won’t be discussing the plot but rather the wardrobe of Emily. Oh, and I’m not French so you should probably take everything I say with a grain of salt.

I understand the clothes are used as a prop to show that Emily has an American POV but sometimes it felt a little too over the top. It felt constantly noisy and there were always accessories taking away from the actual clothes. But don’t get me wrong, there were some good outfits just not exactly on Emily.

Where do we begin?

Emily is in…Paris and this is what she wore when she landed in Paris. A flannel.

This Eiffel Tower shirt by Alice + Olivia paired with the Aldo bag & Louboutin pumps are Emily’s first day at the office. Not sure about you but this low-key screams tourist… she’s wearing a button-up with Paris on it, in Paris. 

The homage to Sex and The City is probably my favourite – a Vauthier top with a tulle skirt is classic Carrie Bradshaw and suits Lily Collins well.

I’m genuinely speechless.

I have no comments on this outfit. 

Emily is #AtTheBallet bringing out her inner Audrey wearing Chrstian Siriano and Cosmoparis pumps. This seems fitting as Lily Collins has an Audrey Hepburn quality. The resemblance is clear and it’s a very non-Emily look. 

You know what this was cute.

In the last episode, Emily wears a floral, Off-White puffer and  a pink Beret. To say I’m disappointed in this outfit is an understatement. But I understand it. Emily is fun and charismatic, you get why she’s wearing it and it’s very…Emily.

I don’t know how I feel about a bag tag being integral to a plot line. The bag tag, labelled basic by Pierre Caudault [a luxury fashion designer], caused Emily to make a heartfelt speech about how fashion needs “basic bitches” to be survive. Yeah… Anyways.

Now, here is a Tweet that sums up how I feel:

What I really want to know is… How is she affording all of #Chanel bags and #Tabis? And how did she go from 48 followers to over 20,000? ‘Cause I wanna know.

If you’re watching the show for the fashion though, Sylvie is the real star – she’s classic, stylish and effortless.

Written by Anna