Elliana Capri is the upcoming designer you need to know

Apr 3, 2021 | Fashion

Elliana Capri York is the designer of the soon to be clothing and accessories brand, e11ianacapri, focused on intricate designs and thoughtful pieces. Influenced by the likes of McQueen and Gaultier, Elliana and e11ianacapri are something to watch out for.

Here, Elliana discusses coming up with her brand name, the process of creating an outfit and some of her favourite designers.

How did you come up with the name @e11ianacapri?

Coming up with the name was the hardest part for me by far, I’ve changed it so many times. Probably going to change it again hahaha. I’ve realized that just using my name is the most true to me but that was already my personal Instagram handle, so I just decided to replace the ‘L’s with ‘1’s and make it a little funky haha. 

I would say that you and your brand incorporate a lot of colour, has it always been this way?

Definitely!! My mom has always had our house completely rainbow colors everywhere so I think I feel most at home surrounded by color. 

How has your personal style changed throughout the years?

When I was younger (and I feel like everyone can relate to this at some point maybe) I didn’t know what I was doing at all, I just wanted to look cool. I didn’t think about my outfits beyond what other people would think of them. Now, I really only dress for myself, so my outfits are a lot more unique and daring than they used to be. 

What is something you will always keep in your wardrobe?

When my parents were together, my dad got my mom these beautiful purses that I will cherish for forever and give my kids one day. I love the way a bag can change the look of an outfit. 

What is something you think can elevate any outfit?

I put oversized button downs over every outfit and love the look, I have so many in fun colors and patterns and I love how they look paired with mini dresses and skirts. 

Do you have a favourite piece you’ve created or a piece that holds a special place in your heart?

One of my first pieces I made was this green cardigan and it was the first time I ever had people whose style I really admired reaching out to me about it, and to this day it just feels so true to myself and my original vision that it will always be so special to me, it feels like a little piece of my soul. 

Are there any designers that influence you and your work?

Definitely so many just subconsciously, Alexander McQueen and his perspective on how he wants to dress women is one of the first things that made me see design as a passion, and Jean Paul Gaultier’s stories behind his collections and creative direction has always been a huge inspiration to me. 

Other than designers, what else inspires you?

Nature inspires a lot of my color stories, and I love looking at architecture and furniture to draw inspiration for shapes and designs. 

Where did your love for creating pieces stem from and do you have a specific memory?

My whole life I was very into art and painting, and I lived in Mexico in 4th grade where I would go to this studio and sit on 400 year old looms weaving these rugs for 7 hours a day while my dad was at work. That definitely was the beginning of my love for textiles 🙂 

What do you have planned for @e11ianacapri?

I haven’t sold anything to anyone yet because I’ve been perfecting the fits and sizing of everything, but I’m currently working on 2 different pop ups in LA and NYC to finally make my first pieces available. I’m really so excited to finally share my pieces with the world 🙂

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By Anna Lowe