Bridgette Starr And How She Started StarrGirlJewelry

Oct 26, 2020 | Interviews

StarrGirlJewelry is all lovingly made in Los Angeles inspired by everyday things and by the brilliant mind of Bridgette Starr. Here Bridgette talks starting a small business, keeping motivated and her typical routine.

Bridgette Star is originally from New York but moved to Los Angeles about two and a half years ago. She’s currently studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

What are you currently listening to?

The Beatles, Red Hot Chile Peppers, The Beach Boys, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac. I love Justin Bieber. I’m also trying to get into podcasts. 

What are you empowered by?

There’s been a lot of riots and marches for Black Lives Matter. Seeing that is super empowering like seeing the younger people using their voice. I went to a couple and it was super empowering to hear the people speaking.

What does an average day in your life look like?

I have school twice a week so if I don’t have school, I’ll probably wake up and take my dog out. I have a 9 month old puppy and I’ll usually look after him first. Then I’ll make some coffee and relax in the morning. I’ll run errands then work on some jewellery or package for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, my boyfriend and I try to go to the dog parks. Then at night I usually wind down and watch a movie.

Where do you like to shop for clothing?

When I was younger i would shop at Brandy and Urban a lot but I’ve been trying to stay away from that for the past 3-4 years. Most of my clothes are thrifted. Depop has been a huge thing for me recently so I don’t think there’s one specific designer. I definitely like Prada and Vivienne Westwood but I feel like I find most of my clothing at the flea markets and thrift stores.

How important is jewellery to you?

It’s become a big part of my life. Before, I always liked it but I always would just wear it like pretty basic pieces. I have three rings that I never take off. Other than that, I try to wear different things I’ve been making. I definitely have staple pieces like the hoop earrings that I wear every single day but other than that I try to change up my necklaces a lot.

What has the journey of Starrgirl been?

I started around 4-5 months ago. I actually started because I saw this necklace that I wanted online but it was kind of expensive. I decided to make it! Once I posted the necklace I made, I had a bunch of friends ask for one and so I just made a bunch of necklaces and stuff. I didn’t know what to call it but I kind of just posted some of them on Depop. I kind of just came up with StarrGirlJewelry one day and just went with it. It seemed to flow the best. I made a website which I kind of already knew how to do. I started to get a decent amount of followers and started to send some pieces to some girls with a larger following. I’ve tried to do a lot of marketing to get the brand out there. But a month ago, I went through a crisis where I wanted to revamp the whole website and Instagram. I created the Instagram and the website so fast because I just wanted people to go to the website. I’m in the process of changing up the Instagram. 

I make one necklace at a time and the time it takes usually depends what the design is. It usually takes me 30-40 minutes to make one. There’ll be some days where I just sit and make things the whole day but there are other days where I focus on custom pieces. The most I’ve made in a day would be seven.

 Where else do you draw your inspiration from?

I’d probably say colours, there are a lot of colours. I’m looking outside my window right now and there’s this huge pink mural. It kind of looks like the pink wall with graffiti and a bunch of different colours. 

My biggest inspiration was probably travelling and we drove there and back. We drove by San Francisco and just seeing all the new things around me like the ocean, the trees and colours of the sunset was inspiring. Something else I love is that I buy myself flowers every single week and I get a different type. Looking at them just inspires me. 

How are you keeping sane and a sense of balance?

When quarantine happened I took a quarter off because I’d just be locked in an apartment so I went to Oklahoma with my boyfriend for 8 weeks. There was just more to do there. I came back to L.A. Last quarter I had classes online and all the work would just be due on Friday. So I just did all the work on Thursday and I had the rest of the week to just do StarrGirl and hang out with friends.  

What’s a common myth people have about starting a small business?

I feel like a lot of people think that it’s easier to start a business when you have a big following already. Like if you’re a YouTuber and you want to start a business. Sometimes it definitely can be but then also sometimes people can’t see all the work that goes into a business. Sometimes people think because you don’t have a big following, your business isn’t going to succeed. And just because someone has 1 million followers doesn’t mean that their business will do better than your business with one thousand followers. I don’t think that’s true, if you just work hard and put out something that you really love, I think people will realise that. Businesses will grow at the rate they should. What I’ve learned is that it’s okay for your business to not grow super fast, it’s frustrating but there will be days where I’m like “wow, I got no new followers”. But at the end of the day, it’s going to grow when it should. 

What are you planning for the future of Starrgirl?

I want to start doing rings and gold necklaces. I’m going to start with custom pendants and pearls with the custom pendants. I hope it actually works out but I think as soon as I have that I can really step up the company. I also want to do earrings!

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Interviewed by Anna Lowe