10 female creatives you should be following

Apr 8, 2021 | Culture, Life

Okay, we know it’s April but to celebrate March being International Women’s Month, we’ve has curated a brief list of some amazing female Instagram creatives. Whether it be calming graphic designers, female run inspiration pages or some industry icons, if you are looking to be more creatively inspired, you are sure to find some amazing women below.

1. Alana O’Herlihy AKA @LilMamiLani

Alana O’Herlihy, known as “Lil Mami Lani” to her social media followers is the celeb approved photographer and art director providing us with the best collection of authentic y2k visuals. Surrounded by some of our fave celebs, including the Hadid sisters, Miley Cyrus and Devon Lee Carlson, she is more than just a friend to them, she is the eye behind many of the experimental shoots with exciting character changing makeup or whacky editing. Most recently, O’Herlihy has been the mastermind behind Miley Cyrus’ music videos including ‘Angels Like You’ and her single with Dua Lipa; ‘Prisoner’ as well as stretching her skills further to creative direction for Halsey’s new beauty line ‘about-face’. 

2. Gray Sorrenti AKA @Graysorrenti


If you love photography, you’ll love photography’s it girl. Gray Sorrenti comes from a family full of famous photographers, her father being Mario Sorrenti, the major fashion photographer who had Kate Moss as his muse and shot some of the most iconic fashion campaigns in the 90’s. Anyway, Gray is more than just her family name, her eye for photography has meant she has already photographed Rihanna for the cover of Bazaar, JLo for the cover of WSJ Mag and  beautiful campaigns for Loewe and Saint Laurent at the age of just 21! Gray is the i-D magazine approved photographer you should be following if you love fashion photography.

3. Lindsay Vrckovnik AKA @LinMick 


Lindsay Vrckovnik is the Parsons New York based student making some of the coolest pieces in the game right now. Her instagram is flooded with photos of her in her own colourful knitwear pieces that are to die for! Not only is she constantly showing off all her talent for creating her own pieces but she has some of the coolest outfit inspiration that leaves you no choice but to follow her immediately.

4. Katie Grand AKA @KeGrand


If you love fashion you should know the name Katie Grand. Whilst she is not a new creative, she’s an iconic one. Her instagram page is full of both current projects as well as posts depicting nostalgic and archived work. As a stylist and magazine editor, she launched Dazed and Confused magazine with some of her co-students whilst still at uni at Central Saint Martins. She then went on to launch both POP magazine and LOVE magazine. Her variety of work is just amazing and if you want your feed filled with work from a variety of brands in the industry you should be following the one and only Katie Grand.

5.  Margaret Zhang AKA @Margaretzhang


If you didn’t know, Zhang is the latest and youngest Editor in Chief for Vogue China. Originally from Australia, Margaret is one of the OG influencers. Her pastel aesthetics, photography combined with her love for writing were her rise to stardom. Her blog contains tales of food, fashion and personal anecdotes. Her creative eye is a force to be reckoned with and we cannot wait to see what she comes up with for Vogue China.

6. Isabelle Angele AKA @__dreamspaces


Whilst this page is slightly different, it was too amazing to leave out of the list. This female-run instagram page is the go to if you are inspired by or trying to learn more about all things interior, architecture and furniture design! This page is such a gem, with the widest range of interiors from all eras and buildings that will amaze you. What I love about Dreamspaces is how interactive of an account it is, often doing polled competitions on instagram stories to vote between the most ‘dreamspace’ bed or lamp etc. It is a literal dream to just scroll through the world of what is Dreamspaces, which also has a free monthly newsletter you can sign up to receive if the posts weren’t enough!

7. Estefania Loret de Mola AKA @Stefyloret 


Estefania Loret is the graphic designer behind the beautiful gradient visuals and posters you’ve probably seen reposted on Instagram stories. The pieces often combine calming colours with small illustrated lines, mapping out some ambiguous words. Whilst most seem to have some sort of spiritual meaning I think they’re open to interpretation, just little phrases to add some thought to your day. I assure you that Loret’s stunning visuals are something you need to add to your feed asap to give you a moment of reflection or inspiration.

8.  Julia Hava AKA @Binchcity


‘Binch city’ is the instagram page filled with graphic design pieces that reinvent vintage adverts with sarcastic slogans that seems to reflect the state of most of Gen Z’s feelings. Most of them are hilarious in a slightly uncomfortably relatable way, making light-hearted jokes hinting at the depressive state many of us are feeling, they are just perfect to lighten up your feed in a strange way. 

9. Nicole McLaughlin AKA @Nicolemclaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin is the clever designer behind some really interesting pieces. She often can be found upcycling garments to create something entirely new as well as experimenting with food and packaging to create some really insane but fascinating pieces. Her ideas are limitless, constantly posting more creatively constructed pieces, whether it be the infamous croissant bra or a stiletto that doubles as a golf club. If you feel you are lacking some inspiration, Nicole’s page is the perfect way to remember there are no rules to design.

10. Isabelle Ikpeme AKA @isabelleikpeme

Last but not least, Isabelle Ikpeme. Whether you need inspo or just scrolling through the gram, this one is for all the makeup lovers out there. Isabelle Ikpeme creates divine makeup looks for anyone and any occasion. For the most intricate eye looks to simple, everyday glam, Isabelle has got you covered. Often her descriptions entail the most detailed tutorial to help you achieve the same look. Colour has never looked better.